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Our Class Prayer

Dear Lord,

Thank you for my day,

I’ve worked hard and had some play.

As I go to sleep tonight,

Keep me safe till morning light.


Class Teacher - Mrs B King


                                                 Dear Butterfly Family,

                     I hope you all had a lovely half-term and welcome to Term 4!  

        Our  Learning Journey this term will be based on the Moon and Space.

                            Our Over arching question for our Learning Journey is:

                                           I wonder what's out there?

               We will be using the following main texts to explore our question:



Our value this term is Forgiveness. This value will be incorpated into our curriculum. 

In RE this term, we will be looking at Why is Easter an important time for Christians?

'Please see the Knowledge Organisers below for this term's learning.

We also use a Heartsmart Resource at school. This term our theme is 'Don't hold on to what's wrong'   - we work very hard to be 'heartsmart' .




Heartsmart is a culture-changing resource that is used throughout the whole school and leads out from our worship.

It is about building up character, emotional health and resilience founded in Christian love.                                             

EYFS Long-term Plan 2023-2024 and Knowledge Organisers

A Knowledge Organiser is a document to explain what we will be covering in class. This also enables you as parents to go over new vocabulary with your children and to discuss your child's learning with them at home.