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Our Class Prayer

Dear Lord,

Thank you for my day,

I’ve worked hard and had some play.

As I go to sleep tonight,

Keep me safe till morning light.


Class Teacher - Mrs B King Teaching Assistant - Mrs V Haydon

Welcome to Butterflies


                                                 Dear Butterfly Family,

Welcome to Term Six -  We're nearly at the end of the school year - it's gone so fast!!!

Our Learning Journey this term will be based  two topics. We will continue to look at some Traditional Tales and then we will move onto how to care for our world.

Our Over arching question for our Traditional Tales is:

'What can we learn from stories?'

We will be covering the following stories and there will be a mini question for each one:

The GIngerbread Man


The Little Red Hen 


The 3 Little Pigs

 Please see the Knowledge Organiser further down the page to help you support your child during the Tradtional Tales Learning Journey.

Later on in the term, we will be looking at the text

'10 ways to save the world'

During this Learning Journey, we will look at ways to be 'green' and help our world. A Knowledge Organiser for this will be put onto our website page when we start the text.




At Peasmarsh, we use The Zones of Regulation to help the children regulate their own behaviours. 

Remember! Its not wrong to be in any of the zones - we all experience different emotions at different time. It's about recognising our emotions and being able to do something about them.



We also use a Heartsmart Resource at school. This term our theme is 'Don't forget to let love in'.

Heartsmart is a culture-changing resource that is used throughout the whole school and leads out from our worship.

It is about building up character, emotional health and resilience founded in Christian love.



Knowledge Organiser

A Knowledge Organiser is a document to explain what we will be covering in class. This also enables you as parents to go over new vocabulary with your children and to discuss your child's learning with them at home.


PE will be on Mondays. Please remember to send your child into school wearing their PE kit. They may wear a school jumper and their track suit bottoms if it is cold. 

Thank you 

Learning in Terms One and Two

Butterflies love Forest School
Here come the Dinosaurs!


Forest School will be on alternate Wednesday afternoons. A timetable has been sent out as a Ping to you all.  Please send your child in their forest school kit (long sleeved trousers and top).  They will need waterproofs and wellies, which can be left at school for the term. 

Thank you 

Phonics and Reading

Reading books will be changed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please hear your child read and write a comment in the comment box in your child's reading record. 

On Tuesday and Thursday nights, please go through your child's phonemes with them. 

Tricky words will be checked weekly. Please go through these daily with your child. 

Many thanks


Learning Term 4
Learning about Easter

Term 5 Learning

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