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Forest School

Forest School is run by Mrs Janet Tittle who are qualified practioner. She have completed specific training in order to deliver this high quality and inspirational educational journey for the children at this school.

What is Forest School?

Why is Forest School important?

Children who participate in Forest School:

  • Learn by 'doing
  • Become more responsible for their actions, can calculate risks better and show improved self-confidence.
  • Are encouraged to have a desire for learning that can transfer back to the classroom
  • Become more active and healthy
  • Develop self-awareness
  • Develop better communication skills
  • Developing independence
  • And much more!

How does Forest School fit into the curriculum?

Forest School leaders plan sessions according to the children's ages and needs. They match learning objectives to skills and knowledge that they feel the children will benefit from. They will also make cross-curricular links in order to bring Forest school back into the classroom. Sessions range widely from bug-hunting, making shelters, designing 3D sculptures to mixing mud pies! Forest School sessions involve adult input and child exploration. Children are shown how to use hand tools and equipment safely then apply them to tasks

The children are also encouraged to observe and reflect on the nature around them and respond to the awe and wonder of their world. Forest School gives children another opportunity to think about their spirituality and their place on our amazing Earth.  

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