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Dragonflies' Class (Year 5/6)

with Mrs Herbert and Miss Rogers

Welcome to Dragonflies' Class

Class Prayer

Dear Lord,


Thank you for helping us through the day.

Thank you for the world around us, and for keeping us safe.

Please continue to protect us, and the people we love.




Term 1- Get Heartsmart!

Term 2- Don't forget to let love in!

Term 3- Too much selfie, isn't healthy!

Term 4- Don't hold on to what's wrong!

Term 5- Fake is a mistake!

Term 6- No Way Through, isn’t true

Parent Letter

Curriculum map 2022-23

Residential Trip Sep 2022

Feelings Circles

feelings circle

Learning Journeys 2022-23

Term 1 - Were the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings really smashing?

Term 2- Is ‘being green’ worth it?

Term 3- Would there ever be enough for all?

Term 4 - I wonder what it would be like if you could go back in time?

Term 5- How did the Railways change Britain?

Term 6- Rivers: harmonious and hopeful or Rapid and Raging?

Term 1 Knowledge Organisers

Term 2 Knowledge Organisers


Chamber Music Festival 2022


Beach School June 2022


Egyptian Pyramid Challenge

Magdalene Odundo Art

Remembrance Day 2020


thankful poem

Term 4 Art- Lines

line art work Term 4

Bikeability 2021



Chamber Music Festival

Christmas Fair

Watercolour Art work

lockdown art

Comic Relief 2021

comic relief(1)

WW2 Radio Broadcasts

Beowulf letters

Chamber Music Festival 2021

Lockdown 2020

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