Message sent from:

Dragonflies' Class (Year 5/6)

with Mrs Herbert, Mrs Tittle & Mrs Adams

Class Prayer

Dear Lord

Thank you for helping us today and giving us food to eat.

Help us to be kind to everyone and keep us safe.

Please help us through the year and make each day better.



Term 1- Get Heartsmart!

Term 2- Don't forget to let love in!

Term 3- Too much selfie, isn't healthy!

Term 4- Don't hold on to what's wrong!

Term 5- Fake is a mistake!

Term 6- No Way Through, isn’t true

Parent Letter

iRock Assembly

Kench Hill Trip- September 23

Term 2 Knowledge Organisers

Good Samaritans Dance

iRock Concert

Term 3 Knowledge Organisers

Term 4 Knowledge Organisers

Police Online Safety Workshop


Term 6 Knowledge Organisers

Hula Hooping

Chamber music Festival


God & the Big Bang workshop

Feelings Circles

feelings circle

Learning Journeys 2022-23

Term 1 - How did the civilisation of Egypt wax and wane?

Term 2- The Amazing Americas

Term 3 & 4- I wonder what life was like in the 1940’s…

Term 5- Does an invention come with a price?

Term 6- Explorers: Trade or Trouble?

Curriculum map 2023-24

Term 1 Knowledge Organisers

Harvest 2023

Skateboarding 2023

Remembrance 2023


Christmas Crafts & Fair

Mini First-Aid

Term 5 Knowledge Organisers

RNLI Beach Safety workshop


School Disco

Beach School June 2024


Skateboarding Day!

World Book Day Dance Workshop

Residential Trip Sep 2022

Chamber Music Festival 2022


Beach School June 2022


Egyptian Pyramid Challenge

Magdalene Odundo Art

Remembrance Day 2020


thankful poem

Term 4 Art- Lines

line art work Term 4

Harvest Festival 2022

Road Safety- November 2022