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Collective Worship

Collective Worship at Peasmarsh CofE Primary School is an important part of our school day with the whole school participating. It prioritises our Christian Vision, is rooted in biblical teaching and provides the oppportunity for children to reflect on how this effects their everyday lives.


Father Jim is a regular visitor - he comes in to lead worship as well as answer 'big questions' with the  children.

The Trinity

Collective Worship allows the children to focus on the Holy Trinity and to reflect on God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We often light 3 candles to represent the Holy Trinity.



Prayer is central to our worship and is often led by the children. We might recite the Lord's Prayer, read out prayers that the children have written or provide the opportunity for spontaneous prayer.



Sometimes we have visitors in Collective Worship. This can provide aspiration and inspiration for how we might chose to live our lives. We welcome diversity and difference encouraging the children to learn from other's experiences. 


We were visited by Souleyman Bah , an amazing paralympian.

Global Dimension

Worship often gives us the chance to reflect on global issues, helping us to think about how we all play a part in the present and the future. It links into our school vision to 'Love your Neighbour' as we think about people whose lives are affected both near and far. 



Each Friday we have our celebration Worship where parents are welcome to join us. We celebrate what children have achieved in and out of school. This allow the children to take pride in their talents and successes linking into the school vision to 'Love yourself' 

photo 1

Winner of the rotary club writing competition!

Enrichment Days

Enrichment Days are also linked into collective worship with the focus on 'Love Learning' as part of the school vision. Children are invited to join in new experiences and discuss relevant issues which is then followed up with quality learning experiences.

British Values

Worship overviews link into our British Values in order for the children to understand how they can grow into fulfilled citizens who respect and care for others in our society. British Values are threaded through learning about the school vision to 'Love our Neighbours' and help us to think about tolerance, democracy, and how people can live together as a community. 


Heartsmart is an essential part of our collective worship and harmonises the whole school. Please visit our Heartsmart page to find out more about how this fits into the school vision and our daily school life.

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