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COVID 19 Information and updates

COVID 19 symptoms


TESTING - updated guidance 

People who have a positive LFD test result are no longer required to have a follow-up PCR test - they should stay at home and self-isolate immediately.

People who have symptoms but have a negative LFD test  MUST go for a PCR. 

 Tests can be booked online  http://www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test

How long to self-isolate

If you've tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), you usually have to self-isolate for 10 full days. You may be able to leave self-isolation on or after day 6 of your self-isolation period if certain conditions are met.

When to stop self-isolating

You can do a rapid lateral flow test from day 5 of your self-isolation period (but not before) and another test the next day. You can stop self-isolating if:

  • both tests are negative
  • tests are 24 hours apart
  • you do not have a high temperature

Report your test result after each test.

You should stop testing after

  • you have had 2 negative tests in a row.
  • you did both tests at least 24 hours apart
  • you do not have a high temperature

If you do a rapid lateral flow test on day 6 and test positive, wait 24 hours before you do the next test.

When to keep self-isolating after 10 days

If you have a high temperature after the 10 days, or are feeling unwell, keep self-isolating and seek medical advice.

Risk Assessment and Contingency Plans

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