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Welcome to Bumble Bee Class - Mrs O and Mrs Tittle - Year 3 and 4


2018 - 2019

Healthy eating workshop

Term 2

Mallydams outing

Fabulous Term one homework

Our Class Prayer

Dear Lord

Thank you for making life on Earth,

For making us healthy and keeping us safe,

Thank you for making us better people, guarding us whilst we sleep and bringing peace to the world.


Our Lantern Workshop

Anti-bullying play

Discovering light by making shadows

Our visit to the Rosetta Stone

Term One 2018 - 2019

Our School Council Representatives

2018 - 2019

We had a democratic vote for our class members.




Working together to solve maths problems

Rocks - class poem

My Rock

Solid on a mountain

Heavy like a boulder

Rough like a turtle shell

Sharp like a thorn

Smooth like a tooth

Bumpy under my feet

Cold as snow

Multi-coloured mushed up rainbow

Rusty as an old car

Old in a cave

Scented like an apple

Hard as a turtle’s shell

Brownish like a cliff

Big rocks on Fairlight beach

Stripy like a tiger

Beautiful but triangular

Lumpy as a rhino’s horn

Dull like a rainbow without any colour

Orange as fire

Opaque as a wall

Streaky stairs

Stinky as daddy’s socks

Pointy as a triangle

Natural as the wind

Spotty as chicken pox

Jagged as a hyena’s snarl


That’s my rock!!

Healthy Rock Cakes

Term 6

Our Local History Power points

Local History - Peasmarsh Place

Term 5 2018


National Pizza Day - 05.02.2018

Term three

Anti-bullying Workshop

We are all unique and part of Bumble Bee class, fitting together as part of a puzzle.


Smugglers Adventure

Our Ancient Greek day - A fabulous finish to term 4's topic

World Book Day - 1st March

Great hats and sharing of our favourite books and authors.

Celebrating our learning

Thank you to all parents, grand-parents and friends for attending our class worship.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.  We wrote facts about South America, acted out the Great Kapok Tree By L. Cherry, sang the "Rainforest" song (which Lily-May had researched), our drummers performed outstandingly and we also danced an energetic Samba. 

Samba drumming workshop

We managed to be disciplined and keep in time enabling us to be together when learning some tricky rhythms.  The sound was electrifying.  A great end to our learning journey in South America.


Our trip - Dungeness Power Station - learning about electricity.

Learning to make our own circuits.



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